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Good Kids
  "This dazzling first novel is many things at once: an incisive examination of class and politics, a richly comic portrayal of humiliation and self-loathing, and a guided tour of love in its varied forms. Benjamin Nugent's writing is alive with intelligence, authenticity, and angst. Fans of Jonathan Franzen, you just may have found your new favorite writer."

— Curtis Sittenfeld, author of Prep and American Wife

"Benjamin Nugent’s Good Kids is a literary romantic comedy, a post-sentimental sentimental education, and a cautionary tale for both divorced parents and their kids who vow never to be like them. It is terrifically smart and funny—and catchy, like a hit song. Reader, pace yourself."

— Michelle Huneven, author of Blame

"Good Kids is the work of a writer with a great gift for comic timing. There's so much life and love in this book, all its failure, all its accidental glory. A superb first novel, as funny as it is ultimately moving."

— Peter Orner, author of Love and Shame and Love